TOI works on a variety of projects, most taking place in Youngstown, Ohio. Team TOI also regularly helps out with community events and projects - whether it's weeding at a local urban garden, or cleaning up blighted buildings around our neighborhood. We like to get involved in our community to help build a brighter future for everyone.

Tikkun Olam Inc.

Big Cricket Farms

Team TOI, along with Tiny Farms, has been helping build the first ever urban cricket farm in America where the crickets are grown exclusively for human consumption.

Crickets for dinner.

BCF is working to provide a more sustainable and more cost-effective way to deliver high quality protein to a world that is facing ever mounting food shortages. Crickets are ideal because they have half the fat but a third more protein than beef does. Additionally, one pound of crickets takes 1/25 the amount of feed and 1/2000 the amount of water that it does to raise a pound of beef.

Not only that, but crickets are delicious!

TOI Works

TOI takes part in a variety of start-up projects that focus on sustainability, biofuels, 3D printing, urban agriculture, and community education, among other things.

The Green Brick Company is a project focusing on restoration, reclaimation, and recycling primarily focusing on Youngstown, Ohio and Ohio's northeastern region.

One of our first 3D printed ponies!

Growing Futures Kenya

Growing Futures Kenya is our project based in Mombasa Kenya which focuses on sustainble farming and community education. There, our team is working on a 1.5 acre piece of land and growing a farm which is setting the foundation for a stong sustainable farming educational model for the community. Check out Evelyn's Blog!

Stay tuned for updates on all of our up and coming works!

Evelyns Farm in Mombasa Kenya

Latest Updates

June 26, 2014

Team TOI helped Big Cricket Farms set up a new housing system for the crickets. Check it out on their Facebook Page!

June 7, 2014

Team TOI helped out with the Wick Park Neighborhood Association Work Day.

We helped to clean up an abandoned property on N Heights Ave. This particular place is a beautiful, giant, red brick building. We got R.U.B.Y. to assist us, and we wood-chipped, raked, lawn-mowed, and generally cleaned our way to very prim and lovely looking house.